Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

The Art of Receiving Guests

The Art of Receiving Guests

How to celebrate at home, Italian-style

Do you like Italian lifestyle? want to know how we Italians plan a ceremony, the Holiday Season, a get-together, a formal dinner ... ?

bon ton, Italian galateo
Loretta's good manners

Everything you need to know for parties and events at home, good manners included!

Good manners


Rules of etiquette and many common-sense tips to overcome successfully small and big difficulties in all occasions.

Setting the table

spring table

A lot of ideas for Christmas, Spring, Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Carnival ... and all your events.

Inviting cards

Inviting cards

A lot of editable patterns for all your occasions to choose and free download

Menu cards

menu card

Templates, ready to write your courses and personalize them. Free download.

Home decorations

Christmas decoration

This is the directory for DIY home decor. You'll be able to find craft ideas for Christmas, Easter and spring, Carnival, Halloween ... Besides handmade gifts for you and your friends and relatives.

How to plan a ...

how to plan a BBQ

How we Italians plan a BBQ party, a cold dinner, alfresco dinner, a ceremony menu, a meal, buffet.style ...


spring centerpiece

You'll be able to find a lot of centerpieces made with fresh or silk flowers but there are other ideas with different stuffs to make your table more beautiful. Discover these new ideas of ours ..


Christmas edible placeholder

Each table should have a sign next to place set. Sometimes it is not necessary to do great things, just a ribbon of different colors next to each place with a little card on which you have to write your guest's name. We have also templates very easy to print and fold.
Remember that guest's name should be written with a fountain pen and by hand on the placeholder for a special touch in informal setting too.