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DIY centerpieces, Italian style

If you have the right place on the table, the centerpiece is always very nice and helps to create a nice atmosphere provided it is not bulky and also allows the conversation. Therefore ... bandits tall ones!

christmas centerpiece
Christmas centerpiece

What stuff for DIY centerpieces?

Setting the table is not only to arrange dishes, glasses, knives, forks and spoons according to the etiquette. It is always nice to decorate your table with something colorful. Fresh, silk or dried flowers are the msot common choice but candlesticks and bowls can be used too.
But remember: everything you choose, It can't be too encumbering and its flowers mustn't be too sweet-smelling. In the next pages you'll be able to find some suggestions for every occasion in the year.

More color and fashion on your table: our ideas!

Let's begin with Italian style

Christmas and its magic!

It's spring and Easter now!

Autumn and its colors!