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Valentine's Day

Valentines day heart

Valentine's day: the menu

An orange upon the table
Your dress on the rug
And you in my bed
Sweet present of the present
Freshness of the night
Warmth of my life.

Jacques Prévert - Alicante

What about a romantic menu for two for Valentine's day?
Here there are some suggestions!

  • - Don't make too heavy courses: you have to digest easily!
  • - Inquire very well after your lover's favourite food: not all people like fish or vegetables ...
  • - Avoid garlic or too aromatic flavours if you don't know very well your lover. Remember the world is divided into two groups of people: who loves garlic and who hates garlic.
  • - Don't worry if you are beginner in the cookery art. We suggest some menus and you''ll be able to find easily what is perfect for you but remember to try out the recipes in advance.
  • - Plan your romantic menu very well. Don't let your lover be alone at table for too much time. Prepare in advance your dishes. A very romantic thing could be to cook together with your lover. It could be very intriguing ...
  • - Don't change too many varieties of wine. Don't drink too much! The best thing is to have the mind clear to enjoy the evening!
  • - If you don't know very well the person you've invited, inquire after his or her possible allergies or other health problem. The guest will show you his /her gratitude and you' ll be on the right track to conquer him or her.

Very easy Valentine's menu: the menu of a heart that beats for you!

every course is combined with a specific card dedicated to your partner ... seduction and courtship

Love potion

read our suggestion for Halloween evening, it's an intriguing situation for Valentine's evening too if you are a good actress!

  • Trick or treat
  • Witches' hats
  • Filled mushrooms
  • Captive heart

Quick Valentines day menu, Italian style (quick but romantic and fantastic)

Menu with fruit (Fruit is the protagonist in all your courses)

Romantic menu for two (A red-coloured menu)

Love handbook (Intriguing ...!)