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EntertainingSetting the tableSpring table with yellow flowers

Spring table with yellow flowers

How to set your table in a simple way in spring for your gatherings

This is an original way for setting the table in spring. Use fresh or silk yellow roses! Yellow is one of the most common and nice colors in this season.

yellow centerpiece for spring table
Centerpiece with yellow roses

How to decorate your table with yellow flowers. Very simple to do idea!

  • - Table-cloth and crockery are white.
    Dishes have only a little, colored border.
    Generally, I use crystal glasses for water and wine.
    In this case knives, spoons and forks are in stainless steel with a yellow handle but you can also choose your usual cutlery.
    All my table setting ideas are devoted to people who have to use always the same cutlery, dish and glass set. Please, run through all pages ;))
    When you're going to buy all that you need for setting your table, my tip is to choose elegant but simple sets. So you can decorate your table in different ways for your special occasions without mixing too many colors!
  • - Let's look at this table of mine! You can click on the photos to see enlarged images and more details.
  • - In the center of the table, there is a transparent container with a thick layer of yellow stones. I arranged green coco fiber over them and three yellow silk roses without stalks.
    This centerpiece is very nice and you can also use it as a decoration for your house in spring.
    If you prefer fresh roses, you can use them instead of silk ones. In this case, remember to dip every stalk in a water vial.
  • - I arranged some rose petals on the table-cloth and chose paper napkins with the same dominant colors: green and yellow.
    Remember that, if you have to set your table for a special occasion such as a ceremony, you should use material napkins.

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