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EntertainingSetting the tablePumpkins and leaves on your autumnal table

Pumpkins and leaves on your autumnal table

Italian dinner party decoration idea for your gatherings

In this post, I propose to you an idea of mine to set the table in the fall according to the Italian style. A fast, easy and economical way with pumpkins, leaves and autumn colors. Ideal if you have guests to celebrate. You can also download the placeholder and menu card for free.

Fall table with pumpkin and leaf decors
Italian autumnal table

How to use pumpkins and colored leaves for a fall table. Simple to do idea!

  • - The table cloth is white so you can make all the decorations you want.
    If you want to use a colored one, try to combine it with the colors of your decors.
  • - Crockery is white with a thin border. The dish set I usually use for my table when I have guests, just like all of you.
  • - Generally, I use crystal glasses.
    In this case, I placed only two glasses: the water and wine glass. It's a table setting idea for non-formal occasions.
  • - Cutlery is in stainless steel.
  • - The autumn image comes from silk leaves, scattered on the table cloth.
    Another important detail is the centerpiece made with two different pumpkins; both are very colored and simply placed on a red doily.
    Other red doilies are put under dishes and so they become nice tablemats.
  • - I also used paper napkins with colored autumn leaves.
    You can use them beacause it is a non-formal event.
  • - And then ... you can eat pumpkins and use doilies for other occasions!
  • - If you want, you can add place cards and menu card with the same theme. Download them for free.
  • - If you need a more elegant table setting idea, consult the index.

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