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EntertainingSetting the tableSetting the table at Christmas in red

Setting the table at Christmas in red

Setting the table in red, in Italian way


 Christmas table in red colour
Setting the table for Christmas in red

The table we suggest to you is very simple but it has a touch of class.
We've chosen two colors: red and white. We think it isn't necessary to use many colors for a refined table. So the flowers of the centrepiece are white and the crockery too! The table-cloth is red and it's the only thing red.
This is a suggestion for a special occasion during Christmas time.
Do you have very important persons at your table? This idea is the answer to your problems!

The table-cloth is red and very important because it is made precious with gold-lace embroidery.
Crockery is white and in china.
We used crystal water, wine-glasses and glasses for sparkling wine. Knives and forks are in silver.
The predominant colors are: white (snow), green (nature), red and gold (Christmas).
The centrepiece is realized with white roses and ivy, a very refined ornament for your table!

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Christmas table with red colors
The whole table
setting up  the table for Christmas
a centerpiece with roses and ivy for Christmas table
The centrepiece

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