Themed dinner menus

Delicate Menu

Menu template (MS Word 2000 zip file)

It's a very delicate menu but it has unusual combinations and surprising effects.
The delicacy derives from different things. Browned onions and too strong tastes are not used; fats are reduced.
The meat, aromatized carefully, is boiled; the potatoes, with a colored effect, are steamed.
Both meat and potatoes are dressed with olive oil after their cooking but who likes stronger tastes can use other kinds of seasoning.
The dessert is light too. You can choose it for a lunch or for a dinner.
Be careful with preparation times! The first course, risotto, has to be made just before serving but the other dishes can be prepared in the morning for the evening allowing hostess more time for her guests.
Turkey breasts has to be pickled for some hours, cooked for an hour and then cooled in its broth. The same broth is used for steaming potatoes.
Potatoes are the course that requires more attention and more time but they can be prepared in advance.
This menu is for 4 people but the quantities can be varied very easy; , if you have any problem.