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Italian dried pasta recipes

What is the perfect time to enjoy a tasty Italian pasta dish? what are the unmissable ingredients to have in the pantry and fridge to make a speedy pasta dish? what are the most famous Italian recipes for pasta? how to cook pasta correctly? all the answers here!

  • Pasta with bell peppers and prawns
  • Linguine with smooth clams
  • Shrimp-and-tomato linguini
  • Pappardelle with hare sauce
  • Penne with broccoli and chicken
  • Orecchiette with sweet peppers and eggplants
  • Shrimp scampi spaghetti
  • Crab spaghetti
  • Tagliatelle with artichokes and ricotta
  • Emmer tagliatelle with chantarelle mushrooms and chestnuts
  • Tagliatelle with smoked sturgeon
  • Broccoli rabe pasta
  • Spicy "spaghetti" with assorted vegetables
  • Pasta with zucchini sauce
  • Fettuccine Roma-style, with chicken livers and wild mushrooms
  • Lobster linguini
  • Macaroni or penne au gratin
  • Bari-style orecchiette (strascenate)
    with rapini or broccoli rabe
  • Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Italian pasta with pesto sauce
  • Tomato spaghetti recipe

    Pasta recipe ideas

    This section is dedicated to one of the most important Italian dish: pastasciutta.
    Here you'll be able to find traditional pasta recipes and our original home cooking according to Italian-style.
    There are a lot of pasta recipes for every occasion: easy and difficult recipes, quick recipes, elaborated pasta dishes for special occasions ...
    Pasta sauces are made with meat, fish, vegetables, tomatoes, pulses, cheese, eggs ...

    Enjoy all these pasta recipes: they all taste fantastic!

    Italian pasta recipes

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