The engagement - The breaking off of the engagement

Unfortunately, not all the engagements end in a wedding. What is it necessary to do if you are planning a wedding and one or both of you decides you are not ready for marriage?
There some things you are obliged to do.
The boyfriend must return all the photos, the letters and the gifts of worth. The girlfriend must do the same things and has to return the engagement ring too! Nowadays it would be better to erase the personal folder too to avoid any surprise.
The explanation for the relatives and friends could be the incompatibility or the difference of opinion about the important values of human life. If the reasons are different, it is better not to spread them: you shouldn't wash your dirty linen in public!
If the preparations for the wedding day are well advanced, you have to make a lot of other things.
You have to cancel all that concern the cerimony and the following party, give notice to your landlord, rescind the contract for the furniture. Finally you have to return all the wedding gifts. The easiest way is to package every gift and post it. Accompany every package with a letter by which you expkain what happened and apologize deeply. Nowadays you can substitute the letter with an email.
This choice will avoid the stress of repeating to all friends and relatives the same explanation.
In every case the breaking off of the engament is a trauma not only for the engaged couple but also for the two families. So decide to get married only when you are sure, completely sure!.