Celebration table with hydrangeas

Easy-to-do, elegant table setting idea for your special occasion

Little time to set your table well for a special occasion? want new simple to do idea to make your centerpiece? want to use the flowers of your garden? here are my tips with hydrangeas!

a centerpiece made with blue hydrangeas
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Hydrangeas on the table

How to make a beautiful, quick to do centerpiece with fresh hydrangeas.

Hydrangea centerpiece on white tablecloth
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Elegant table, Italian style
  • - Pick the flowers of your garden if it's the right season or buy them.
  • - Cut their stalks in different lengths not to see them too much.
  • - Tie them with two ribbons of different colors and well combined with your table cloth, dish set and flowers.
  • - Place your bouquet in the center of the table and arrange the remaining parts of the ribbons as you can see in the photo.
  • - Preserve hydrangeas in water shortly before the arrival of your guests.
    At this point, pat dry their stalks with absorbent paper and follow my directions.
  • - You could choose other seasonal flowers for this centerpiece: roses and lilies with delicate colors, snapdragon flowers ...
  • - Set your table carefully, arranging glasses and cutlery very well. Look at the photos for more details!