Fresh jasmine flowers on the table

Elegant and inexpensive white flower centerpiece for your special events

White table is perfect for a special event such as Baptism, Holy Communion or Wedding. But remember that you could choose other solutions, that is setting your table with pastel colors. If you decide for white, this is my tip for a cheap, easy to do centerpiece.

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Centerpiece made with jasmines

Elegant, simple table setting idea with white flowers for a special event: baptism, first communion, wedding

  • - Table cloth is white, so you can make all the decorations you want.
  • - Crockery is white with a thin colored border.
    Generally, I use crystal glasses for water, wine and sparkling wine in my special events.
    Knives, spoons and forks are in stainless steel but if you have a silver set, use it ;)
  • - When you lay your table for a special event, you should look after all details:
    arrange cutlery and glasses in the right way
    use placecards too
    flowers are indispensable.
  • - The only thing you have not to do is to restrict the space of your guests and create too cumbersome decorations.
  • - To do my centerpiece, I picked jasmine branches full of green leaves and flowers in my garden but you could choose other kinds of flowers such as white little roses, short stemmed white lilies, daisies combined with ivy and so on.
    I filled a crystal bowl with water and arranged flowers in it.
    The centerpiece is ready.
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