A Christmas sparkling table

Let's decorate our Christmas table with paillettes


a sparkling christmas table, new ornaments for xmas table
A sparkling Christmas table

Do you want to astonish your guests with a sparkling table at Christmas? Our suggestion is very simple to do and not expensive but it's cool!
You have only to choose an even color table-cloth, buy a silver net, arrange it on the table-cloth and sprinkle colored paillettes on the surface. The centrepiece is made with fresh flowers and some Christmas decorations

The table-cloth is white and it's covered with a silver net. Crockery is in china with a delicate decoration. You can use your own crockery: the important thing is to combine the colors of crockery with the color of paillettes and with those of the centrepiece. This is only a suggestion but if you have any problem to combine colors, email us!
We combined crystal glasses of different colors; spoons, knives and forks are in silver.
The final touch is sparkling colored paillettes on the cloth: very cool!
The predominant colors are: white, silver, pink, azure, lilac

The centrepiece is realized with a big candle, fresh flowers, pomegranates covered with artificial snow and white paillettes, Christmas decorations.

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xmas table with new ornaments according to Italian style
The whole table
Detail of a place at table. How to tie up the napkins
A detail of the table
a sparkling xmas centerpiece