Little roses on your fall table

Autumnal dinner party table with the last roses from your garden

It is not difficult to set the table for your gatherings in autumn cheaply and beautifully.

DIY centerpiece with little roses
Autumnal centerpiece with roses

Easy and quick to do table setting idea for your autumnal special occasions

  • - Table cloth is white. So you can use a lot of autumnal colors!
    Yellow, red, orange and green.
  • - It's an elegant table even if I didn't use precious any crockery or glasses.
  • - Red doilies are used as tablemats and under the centerpiece.
  • - Paper napkins with autumnal leaves give a further touch of color to the table.
  • - The centerpiece is very simple to do.
    I filled a large pottery serving dish with water and arranged little short-stemmed roses inside.
    Then I placed some autumnal leaves all around the edge.
  • - To see more details, click on the photo for an enlarged image.
  • - Obviously, you can modify this table according to your own taste or to the flowers you have or can find.
    For example dried hydrangeas or little chrysanthemums.
    The important thing is to use autumn flowers combined with autumn leaves.
  • - If you want, you can add place and menu cards with the same theme. Download them for free.