Authentic Italian Cooking


  • Asparagus and scallop risotto
  • Risotto with artichokes & potatoes
  • Risotto with rosé fresh grapes and sausage
  • Strawberry risotto with speck
  • Smoked eel risotto
  • Mushroom-and-prawn risotto
  • Risotto with borlotti beans
  • Risotto with smoked sturgeon
  • Risotto with salmon, tuna and peas
  • Christmas risotto with mushrooms, chestnuts and salami
  • Risotto with cabbage, salami and borlotti beans
  • Risotto with legumes and vegetables, Latium-style
  • Risotto Milanese-style
  • Spring vegetable paella
  • Bicolor risotto: strawberry-and-asparagus risotto


    Many people say it's difficult to cook a tasty risotto. It isn't true. Follow our directions, step by step, and you'll be able to learn in little time. Do you want to surprise your family or guests? Eating in the Italian style is always appreciated by everyone.
    Rice works well with meat, fish, vegetables and fruit!
    Look at our recipe list: there are many recipes with fruit: strawberries, bilberries, fresh grapes and so on ... All these recipes are full of taste and color!

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