Authentic Italian Cooking

One-plate meal

  • Mozzarella and tomato salad
  • Squid and bell pepper couscous
  • Apulian friselle topped with tomatoes, tuna and onion
  • Friselle topped with prawns, sweet peppers and tomatoes
  • Italian fondue, Aosta- style
  • Salad with vegetables & hard-boiled eggs
  • Vegetarian Greek salad - Horiatiki
  • Cherry tomatoes & mozzarella
  • Penne with broccoli and chicken
  • Multilayered creamy dish
  • Tomatoes filled with prawns and lentils
  • Prosciutto & melon

    One-plate meal

    It is a good example of the modern Italian cooking.
    If you have not much time for cooking even for your get-togethers, one-plate meal solves all your problems. You can combine a seasonal salad, a fruit salad or a cake and you have a perfect and fast menu for all days or for a special occasion!
    In Italy we combine cheese with vegetables, rice and pasta with fish, meat or vegetables, and many other thing ...
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    Single-course meal or unique dish recipe ideas

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