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Baked pasta

  • Bolognese lasagna recipe
  • Oven-baked macaroni with eggplants
  • Baked pasta with vegetables and mozzarella cheese
  • Baked lasagna without meat
  • Baked pasta with asparagus and fava beans
  • Neapolitan macaroni pie
  • Italian baked pasta with asparagus and salmon sauce

    Baked pasta

    Baked pasta is a delicious, tasty Italian dish.
    It's so rich in ingredients to be considered as a one-plate meal.
    Who doesn't know lasagne, cannelloni, timbales? who doesn't love them?
    We've tasted for you all the most famous Italian recipes and we can give you doses and ingredients exactly accompanied by a digital photo; but we have also a lot of unpublished recipes, all that are our ideas.

    Traditional recipes

    Our original home cooking

    If you want to have more pasta sauce recipes consult our page on sauce ideas to toss fresh and/or dry pasta
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