Authentic Italian Cooking

Quails, Italy style

Once, quail meat was eaten more often. The hunters were numerous, and then, especially at certain times of the year, it was present on the Italian table. In recent years, however, things have changed very quickly, one of the effects of globalization, and certain traditions are being lost. My husband and I buy it every now and then. Their meat is tasty and suitable for many different recipes,

quails with cherries
Quails with cherries

Quails: nutritional properties and cooking methods

These birds, unlike the chicken, have black meat such as venison.
Their meat is rich in proteins of high biological value and can be cooked with the skin because the fat intake does not change a lot.
Quais do not always satisfy everyone's taste: a little meat and a lot of waste. In reality, cooked in a particular way, they are very tasty and make immediately refined the menu in which they appear. We propose some methods of cooking them a little different from the usual, in addition to the usual recipes.

Quail recipes listed according to their cooking method and main ingredients

In the pot, sparkling wine and black truffle

Certainly, I do not suggest this recipe for your weekly menu. Take a look at its ingredients! But what about serving them in a very important occasion?

In the pot, cherries

Quails with cherries

Cherries are a typical fruit of late spring and early summer. So this delicate but tasty recipe is great if you need to celebrate a special event with your relatives and friends in these seasons. Quails are basted with cherry liqueur, during their cooking, to keep their meat moist and reinforce the flavor of the fruit. As the whole game, even this one is suitable to be cooked with fruit.