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This section is dedicated to a very particular kind of meat: the pheasant. Today it is easier than in the past to find it at the market although it is not always wild. In fact it is very often farmed. At least this is true in Italy. Traditionally it is considered dish for special occasions: served at Christmas or at least in our winter festivities. In reality there are recipes for serving pheasant even in summer. In all cases, you have to eliminate or reduce its taste of "wild" that accompanies its meat.

  • Cold pheasant pie
  • Pheasant

    Pheasant: nutritive properties and serving ideas

    Its meat has a very different taste compared to the other ones. Some people say it depends on the amino acid composition of its protein. By the way, it is very rich in proteins. If you look at the nutrition facts of the recipes in this site, you can realize just how high their value is.
    It is not a cheap meat and therefore it is not suitable to being consumed frequently. In fact it is planned for great occasions in Italy, and its recipes are quite elaborate.
    It can be cooked with fruit or flavored with bacon and marsala. Salmì is another tasty way to cook it. In any case the pheasant can not normally be cooked in the pan.

    Pheasant: our recipes according to their main ingredients and/or cooking method

    Flavored with wild berries

    This is a very tasty dish because wild berries and orange juice are added during cooking. For your important parties.

    Cold pie

    Cold pheasant pie

    I do not think that the photo lets you have any doubts. This dish is nice to see and delicious too. You can prepare it for a cold dinner or a meal, buffet-style in the summer. Sophisticated recipe made ​​with wild berries.