Authentic Italian Cooking


Rabbit meat is very delicate and tasty. It is suitable to do many delicious recipes, simple or more elaborate, which may be included in your daily menu or full menus for your special occasions. In this regard, be careful: rabbit has only a defect that is bone number that does not allow easy use of fork and knife. So for your important occasions I suggest to prepare it boned or cook thighs alone.

  • Rabbit, Liguria-style
  • Orange rabbit
  • Clementine-and-marsala-flavored rabbit
  • Rabbit with black truffle
  • Rabbit pie flavored with truffle chocolate
  • Rolled stuffed rabbit
  • Rabbit salad
  • Rabbit stew with bell peppers
  • Rabbit and vegetable terrine

    Rabbit: nutritional properties and uses

    Its meat has only 4 grams of fat per 100 grams of edible portion and a limited supply of cholesterol (52mg). This makes it very interesting from a nutritional point of view.
    During my stays in many places in Italy I learned some very interesting cooking techniques that I propose in my recipes. The essential thing is to let the water the meat has internally go out before starting any type of cooking.
    Rabbit may be boiled, roasted, stewed.
    You can bone and roll it to make excellent pot roasts. You can first boil and then bone it to prepare delicious salads in summer and excellent dishes for your meals, buffet-style.
    It is a very versatile meat ;) Do you agree?

    Italian rabbit recipe ideas, listed according cooking method or other ingredients

    With black olives and red wine, Liguria-style

    Rabbit Liguria-style

    Traditional recipe from Genoa area. Rabbit is prepared with a very particular technique. Generally this meat is cooked using white wine. On the contrary, in this case red wine is preferred. This results in a particular dish that can also be prepared for an important menu.


    Orange-flavoured rabbit in a serving plate with orange slices and black olives

    In my opinion this dish is very good in menus for Christmas or New Year's Eve as any meat flavored with orange juice. You eat a lot in these occasions and this is a recipe that can lighten all your menus. Serve it with slices of orange and black olives according to the Italian style.

    Clementine and marsala flavored

    Clementine-and-marsala flavored rabbit

    With these ingredients, you'll bring a very tasty but delicate dish to the table. A goodness! Not difficult to do.
    Who said to impress and delight your guests you have to damn in your kitchen and use one hundred thousand ingredients? the easiest things to do are often the tastiest if ingredients are  well chosen.


    I explain you how to boil and bone rabbit and then make a very simple but tasty salad for your summer meals. Besides you can make risotto with its stock. So, with little cost, you can make lunch and dinner, among other things, very tasty ...

    Black truffle flavored

    Coniglio disossato ripieno

    This dish is a typical recipe from Umbria and central part of Italy where black truffle is spread and used often in local dishes. It's a very simple-to-do recipe with few ingredients but expensive. Ideal for your special event menus.

    Ricotta, walnuts, truffle white chocolate

    savory pie stuffed with rabbit, walnuts, ricotta, black truffle and chocolate

    In Italy we are masters in salt tarts. I like them very much and sometimes create some special recipes like this one. It's ideal for your Holiday menus (Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner menu) when we want to astonish our guests, right?

    Boned and stuffed

    Rolled stuffed rabbit

    The filling is typically Italian taken from our most authentic traditions. It is made with omelettes (you can also flavor them with black truffles at Christmas time), porchetta and herbs. What do you think about?

    In salad

    Rabbit salad

    It is a fresh, delicate dish, suitable for summer and special for your meals, buffet-style. It is ideal for children and when you have guests because there are no bones and ossicles A few ingredients in addition to rabbit: some canned vegetables, mayonnaise, herbs and olive oil. Yummy!

    In potacchio

    Rabbit in potacchio

    In potacchio is a typical cooking method of Marches. It's a dish for garlic lovers, really! In fact you have to use 7 cloves.
    "In potacchio" is a cooking technique that provides meat or fish are cooked in a pan with garlic, rosemary and olive oil. Very simple-to-do and aromatic recipe!

    Stewed with bell peppers

    Rabbit stew with bell peppers This is a tasty recipe that everybody will like very much. You can prepare it some hours ahead (it is tastier) and it is a low-calorie and fat recipe.

    I have been making it since I was a child and helped my mother in kitchen. A real home cooking.

    In terrine with vegetables

    Rabbit and vegetable terrine

    Rabbit and vegetable terrine is a tasty meat dish ideal for your special events. It's a tasty Italian antipasto too.
    If you like it, you can prepare this dish for your family menu but not too often ;)