Authentic Italian Cooking


Lamb has flavorful meat that can be cooked in different ways: stewed, baked or grilled. I lived in the central part of Italy for many years, especially in Umbria. My grandparents were from Abruzzi. Both these regions have a rich collection of tasty recipes for lamb chops, shoulder or leg. So I often cook this meat both for family and special menus. Lamb, when slaughtered, should not exceed 10kg and must have been fed with milk according to the Italian law.

  • Barbecued lamb skewers
  • Baked lamb in citrus sauce
  • Baked lamb or lamb arraganato
  • Lamb stew with legumes and vegetables
  • Lamb stew with Parmesan cheese and eggs
  • Lamb stew with mushrooms and potatoes
  • Marinated lamb
  • Sheep stew with pecorino and salami
  • Roast leg of lamb, Umbria-style

    Things worth knowing on lamb meat

    This meat is tasty and unlike what a lot of people may think it is not so fat as long as you remove its visible fat. There are only turkey thigh (skinless), horse fillet and ostrich meat, in this exact order, leaner than lamb leg.

    You can prepare tasty dishes with lamb for your family and special occasions too.
    Below you'll be able to find a lot of recipes. They can be easy to do or more laborious, to be prepared ahead, with Mediterranean ingredients, traditional and new.
    Read carefully the introduction of each one to choose your favorite.

    Italian lamb recipes listed according to their ingredients and/or cooking method

    Arrosticini or bbq lamb skewers

    Arrosticini or bbq lamb skewers

    Arrosticini are famous throughout the world. You have to make them with mutton or lamb meat. My paternal grandmother was from Abruzzi (Italy) and taught me to prepare and eat them. Read through the tips not to make the mistakes I've read in many sites.

    Baked, Citrus-flavored

    taglio di carne di agnello

    It is very delicate and low-calorie recipe idea compared with other meat dishes. It's suitable for full menus because it can be combined with many other courses. A recipe of mine that our guests like very much.

    Baked with potatoes, onions and tomatoes (Basilicata)

    Baked lamb with potatoes, onions and tomatoes (Basilicata)

    Layers of meat are alternated with lots of vegetables. A great main dish but it can be served in small quantities in a full menu for a special occasion too. This recipe is typical of Basilicata in Italy (there it is called lamb arraganato) where my husband and I tasted and enjoyed the first time.

    stewed with vegetables and pulses

    Lamb stew  with vegetables and pulses

    This recipe of mine is inspired by the traditional way in which lamb is cooked in southern Italy. This kind of meat is consumed mostly in spring when peas, artichokes, snow peas, fava beans are abundant ... It 'a delight but it can be cooked throughout the year using frozen vegetables. Do you agree? The choice is yours. My guests love it.

    Stewed, Umbria-style

    Another Umbrian recipe. It is really simple and is made with few ingredients. Just the meat quality and cooking technique to make the dish tasty.

    Stew, with "Parmesan" cheese and eggs (Abruzzi)

    Lamb with Parmesan cheese and eggs (Abruzzi)

    Another recipe from Abruzzi where my childhood memories lie. It was always the main dish in our family Easter menu. Test it! It is worth a try ;))

    Stewed, with mushrooms and potatoes

    Lamb with mushrooms and potatoes

    Lamb accompanied by potatoes as side dish or cooked together with potatoes is very good. Everyone knows that. Even the mushrooms are tasty if combined with potatoes. This recipe of mine comes from these combinations. Very good and easy to do.

    Stewed, Lemon-flavored

    Lemon-flavored lamb

    It is a typical recipe of
    Sardinia. My husband and I ate it in this fantastic island during our holidays some years ago and we both loved it immediately. It was the first time we tasted a lemon-and-egg sauce to top meat.


    Marinated lamb

    I call this recipe of mine marinated to show you lamb should be marinated before cooking. Then it is indifferent the cooking technique you choose. You can grill, stew, bake ... Marinating is used only to flavor the meat and make it more tender. That's all!

    Mutton and potato stew (Basilicata)

    Mutton and potato stew (Basilicata)

    My husband and I suggest this traditional dish of Lucania (Basilicata) to those who like strong flavors. In fact the main ingredients are cheese and salami! It is worth in our opinion.

    Mutton stewed

    The mutton is used in the central and southern Italy. Its meat is very tasty. This is another traditional recipe of Abruzzi learned from my grandmother! It is not difficult to do. If you use the leg partially cut by your butcher, you can also serve it in a semiformal or formal occasion. Otherwise it is better in your family menu ;)))

    Roasted, Umbria-style

    Roast lamb, Umbria-style

    It tastes fantastic! This is a typical recipe from Umbria (Italy). I learned it during my stay in that beautiful land. A few simple steps for its preparation and then it's your oven to work ...
    I recommend it, if you have guests.