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Handmade decorations

D.I.Y. bags & accessories, decorations and toys for kids, gift craft ideas ...

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Handmade decorations

Generally who likes making home decorations by oneself, likes personalizing many objects too: bags and other accessories, Christmas gifts, decorations for children ...
Nowadays it may become a necessity for people who have no much money but it may become a choice of life for people that don't like this kind of consumerism.
Nevertheless everyone likes making an impression!
The following pages are dedicated to this kind of people.
We could also have titled it: the corner dedicated to fancy,elegance and fashion, Italy-style!

Handmade bags and other accessories

Handmade gifts for family, friends and ... themselves

Handmade decorations and toys for kids

Handmade home decorations for every season and ceremony

  • - Spring door decoration Nice-to-see D.I.Y. home decoration, ideal for spring, Easter or every ceremony (Communion, Confirmation, Wedding party)

Look for other craft ideas on "Christmas Planet", Easter decorations and only-members area too.
Impress your family and friends with our creative ideas!