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Carnival decorations

Carnival is the most colorful and cheerful time in the year. Even a little fat, seen the extraordinary number of fried sweets so prevalent during this period in Italy. If you are interested, follow the link to the page dedicated to Carnival to get some ideas (you'll see it below!). On the contrary, here you'll be able to find my DIY Carnival decorations for home, school and anywhere you want to throw a party. Remember: Italy is famous for its Carnival in Venice, Putigliano, Viareggio, Ivrea, Fano.
carnival party decorations: the Carnival tree
Handmade Carnival tree

DIY Carnival decorations

Looking for new ideas to throw a colorful and fun Carnival party? especially when there are children involved it is important to create a joyful atmosphere.
Here you'll be able to find some simple-to-do decorations to make with your kids and some more refined craft ideas for your masquerade ball.
Craft ideas to decorate your table or to hang on the front door or a wall.
An idea to decorate your Carnival tree and a series of figurines made with wire covered with wool. And more on ...

Homemade Carnival decorations, Italy-style

An amusing panel for your Carnival party

Carnival door decoration idea

Funny panel to hang on the door when it's Carnival time or when you have to throw a costume party or a kid party in the afternoon.

Handmade clowns with poor or recycled material

Handmade clowns with poor or recycled 

If you have 200g ricotta cheese containers you can make these simple-to-do clowns with your kids. Perfect for their bedrooms or to decorate your table at Carnival time.

Handmade masks from Venice

handmade venice masks

These hand-decorated masks are very beautiful! They will make a great effect on the entrance door of your party hall.

Make your own Carnival little masks by your hands!

handmade figurines for Carnival

The masks you see are made ​​with the technique of wire covered with wool. A Carnival craft idea for your kids. They will love to find or create new characters ... believe me! Use them to decorate their bedrooms or as table decorating idea.

There is not only Christmas tree

Carnival tree

Carnival tree is on fashion in the last years. I created a very simple way to decore it: hang masks, streamers and all you think can be funny for your guests. They will be able to use them!

Dedicated to Carnival party

Venetian mask for Carnival

If you are interested in Carnival recipes too, such as fried sweets, colorful dishes to plan a Carnival menu and other treats, this is the page for you!